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Marize,  was born from the desire of two young entrepreneurs to create a brand that would enhance the simple beauty of materials through the production experience of skilled craftsmen to whom they have relied for generations. Inspired and guided by the most sought-after dogmas of contemporary Deco design to create Home Accessories and Furniture Shop.

Marize offers a selection of items that are unique in their style, eccentric and light with products that can be appreciated in all environments from the Classic to the more fun ones.


The search for the design of the proposed products is interminable and at the center of the Team's activities which, thanks to a careful knowledge of the characteristics of the materials used, are able to enhance every detail taken care of with extreme attention while managing to offer a shocking price to say the least. Marize is a style journey towards an era that in our opinion represents the maximum expression of nobility of materials, which must, in our opinion, be redundant in our homes for as long as possible.